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Resolving Firewall Issues
Posted by Anthony B. on 03 January 2012 07:13 AM

I am using a computer behind a firewall, or in a work/education environment. How can I connect?

If you are having difficulty connecting from behind a firewall, you may wish to consider purchasing the Firewall Friendly module or upgrading to the Enterprise edition. If you do not have the Firewall Friendly module and wish to adjust your firewall settings to allow connections to our chat servers, please continue reading:

Before continuing, you will need the following information:

  1. Your assigned server host - To determine your assigned server, you will need to look at your chat room link code. Find the text that begins with codebase=. Look for the text that looks like "client?" or "client?". (Note: you will see a number in place of the question mark) This is your assigned server host. I.e.,
  2. Your assigned server port. This can be found in the Advanced settings section of your control panel. If you have not changed your server port. Your server port number will be between 8000 and 8009.

If you are unable to determine the above information, please submit a support ticket. We will be happy to assist you.

You, or your network administrator will need to allow TCP access on your chat room port (or simply all ports 8000 through 8009) at your assigned server host. On some LAN firewalls, you may simply set the security setting to "Low" while you wish to use our chat software.


I already have the Firewall Friendly Module; how do I configure it?

  1. Login to your Account Control Panel from
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Select the Advanced Link in the submenu
  4. Find the section labeled Tunnel (Proxy) Connections
  5. Set Allow Tunnel Connections to Yes
  6. Click the Click Here To Save Changes button
  7. If you're already logged in to your chat room, please logout then click your browser's refresh button for the new control panel changes to take effect.

That is all! We'll take care of everything else for you. The next time a user behind a strict firewall attempts to login, AddonChat will first try to connect this person through a fast direct connection. Should this fail, we will automatically log the user in through a special HTTP Proxy connection on port 80. Firewall connections are somewhat slower due to the nature of the HTTP protocol; however it is the best solution for ensuring that users behind strict firewalls can easily gain access to your chat room.

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