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Converting Audio Emoticons
Posted by Anthony B. on 03 January 2012 06:37 AM

AddonChat now supports both WAV and AU formatted audio files.

Your Java™ chat room can be very picky about what audio files it will play. Presently, Java™ applets can only play stnadard WAV files and SUN 8-bit ULAW encoded .AU files. 

It is very easy to convert other file formats to Java™ compatible .WAV or .AU files. We strongly recommend using the GoldWave Digital Audio Editor to convert audio files. When saving your file using GoldWave in AU format, select "Sun (*.au)" as the type of file to save to, and ensure that "Java/Web, mono" is selected under File Attributes.

We also recommend Sox for converting audio files to our more advanced users comfortable with CLI's.

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